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Powerful, Data Driven Patient Stratification - Improving biomarker performance.

Aug 26, 2015 5:00:00 PM

Personalized v. Standard Care

Why do Pharma companies care about personalized medicine given that this might limit the population for which their drug is approved?

Low response rates to therapy and lack of patient benefit compared to the standard of care can put success of a clinical trial and overall drug development at risk. Therefore pharma companies are invested in diagnostic programs to:

  • select the right patients for their drug
  • minimize the risk of drug failure
  • get drugs to market faster
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Topics:  tissue phenomics, clinical development, PK/PD, Definiens, Biomarker Datafication Services

How to Make Phase II Clinical Trial Investment Decisions Faster with Precise PK/PD Data

Aug 5, 2015 6:00:00 PM

At the end of a phase I clinical development project researchers need to justify further investment to advance their selected therapy into a Phase II trial. Thus, they need to know what the body’s physiology does to the drug and, most importantly, what the drug does to the body. In particular clinical researchers are looking for the following:

• Confirmation that the selected therapy reaches the tumor.
• Confirmation that the selected therapy affects the pathway as expected.

To get the relevant information needed for decision making, clinical researchers analyze tissue samples collected at several time points before and after dosing. With these tissue samples, the physiological response is identified by measuring biomarker expression at the various time points.

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Topics:  Biomarker selection, Diagnostic Development, PK/PD, Companion Diagnostic Development, Biomarker Datafication Services

Biomarker Datafication Services for Clinical Development

Jun 8, 2015 6:00:00 PM

Achieve Valuable Data for Your Clinical Program Decision Making

Biomarker projects are critical to drug development programs and demonstrating the medical value of therapies. Success in these programs often comes down to having comprehensive data from tissue samples that can be used to make critical decisions on drug development advancements and assess the potential of a companion diagnostic for patient stratification.

To assist you in achieving the best and most comprehensive tissue data, Definiens is proud to announce our new Biomarker Datafication Services for clinical development.

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