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Tissue Phenomics™: The Future of Big Data for Diagnostics

Mar 12, 2014 7:42:00 PM

When you hear the term “Big Data”, most people think of the huge volumes of structured or unstructured data from different sources. For diagnostics, extracting meaningful information from big data offers the great potential of detecting novel biomarkers to provide targeted patient treatment.

Tissue Phenomics™ is a big data approach to clinical oncology that enables all of the data in tissue images to be fully quantified in context. This automated quantification takes all standard pathological tissue biomarkers used to make diagnoses plus new complex tissue signatures – which often are difficult to assess with the human eye – and makes them available for bioinformatic analysis.

The core of Tissue Phenomics™ is the Definiens' Cognition Network Technology® (CNT) which has been used by many researchers on a small data scale.

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