Tissue Phenomics Blog

Aug 21. 2019

Why AI-powered Biomarker Analysis is the Future of Cancer Immune Profiling

author: Definiens AG

Jun 07. 2019

Why Using AI in Patient Profiling Enhances Precision Oncology

The introduction of checkpoint inhibitors in clinical oncology has transformed the way we treat cancer ...

author: Dr. Monika Baehner

Jun 03. 2019

Harness the Power of Deep Learning for Better TNM Cancer Staging

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has an enormous computational power to process large, complex quantities of data. ...

author: Definiens AG

May 27. 2019

Applying AI to Digital Pathology for Cancer Research & Clinical Development

Dr. Ralf Huss, Chief Medical Officer at Definiens, explains how the ...

author: Dr. Ralf Huss

Apr 24. 2019

How To Cope With An Evolving Immuno-Oncology Field And Changes In Pathology

2018 will be remembered as a decisive year for immuno-oncology. In particular, Nobel Prize winners James ...

author: Dr. Ralf Huss